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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Intrinsic Incentive: Three Solutions from Edutopia

Hi, Everyone,

We visit a lot of schools where empirical evidence joyfully refutes the oft-heard contention that public education is imploding. Admittedly, because we seek out what works in public education, we see fewer schools in crisis. But what we do notice is one common denominator that explains the presence of bright, curious, engaged children in any classroom: motivated, energetic teachers creating learning environments where students thrive because they are given the opportunity to care about what they're doing. Each of the three schools we highlight below fosters, in its own way, an enthusiasm about learning for learning's sake. Drop in for a look.

-- David Markus
Editorial Director, Edutopia

Multiple Intelligences Leave No Child Behind
Edutopia revisits Indianapolis's Key Learning Community.

Immigrant Students Aim for College
A Texas high school on the Mexican border settles for nothing less than success.

Project Learning Creates a Win-Win Situation
Students' project presentations drive greater motivation and achievement.

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