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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Breakthrough LA Times Report on Teacher Effectiveness on Test Scores

"The Los Angeles Times is taking a groundbreaking step as part of a series on teacher effectiveness. It is planning to publish the names of more than 6,000 teachers, along with ratings indicating how effective they have been in raising their students' standardized test scores. The series explores one of the most controversial issues in public education today: how teachers should be measured. NPR's Robert Siegel talks to one of the series' co-authors, Los Angeles Times investigative reporter Jason Felch."

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This speaks to Teacher Accountability and Merit Pay, it is a necessary reform, to bring poor teachers the resources to educate themselves and reach their potential. Now, if we can get the same kind of accountability for the Administrators and Superintendents that will mean something.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

School Lunch, you eat it.

I can't stand what we force kids to eat in this country. If you are poor and get 'subsidized' lunches, you get sick, for $2.65.

Here is a blog by a woman who ate with her kids at school every day. FED UP WITH SCHOOL LUNCH

Force all school administrators, cooks, and teachers to eat and finish the school lunch they feed our kid, every day. That will solve the problem.

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