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Friday, April 10, 2009

I have a partial solution to the immigration problem.

The so called "DREAM ACT" gives amnesty to the undocumented children of illegal immigrants, who have shown academic promise, and allows them to go to college in the United States. The unjust action of their parents have put them in the position to be deported right when they are about to qualify to go to a US University, but can't apply without legal status.

I have a solution, for those willing to listen.

Create the American University: in partnership with any willing country. Use a 9 square mile parcel of unused land in their country of origin.

  • The US will create a $1-billion endowment for each university. $100-million will be used to build the school, in the center square mile of the parcel, using 1/2 local contractors and 1/2 American Workers. 
  • These Universities would be under US Military Protection, and include an airport. 
  • They would use Sustainable Energy and Architecture, grow their own food on campus using Permaculture, and have a Teaching Hospital. 
  • They would take 1/2 of their students from the USA, and 1/2 from the home country. Any undocumented kids here in the USA would get a full scholarship if they have the potential. 
  • 1/2 the teachers would be from the USA, 1/2 from the other country. 
  • They could create economic trade zones around the campus. This would create opportunities for both nations, solve the immigration problem, broaden American's understanding and interaction with the world, and return educated minds back to the countries that need them most. 
  • And would cost the USA less than $300-Billion world wide, and we would probably recoup that in income taxes. 

More importantly, it would create understanding and relationships between peoples, and spread the ideals of American Justice, Democracy and Economics world wide. Thus exporting our true value to the rest of the world.

Just a thought.

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