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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Release Stimulus Money Now!

Release Stimulus Money Now!
Give San Diego Our Fair Share!
YOU can make the difference in this grassroots effort.

We need to take action NOW to Save Our Schools in San Diego. To meet the severe cuts we are reducing central administration, cutting transportation, increasing class sizes and offering early retirement to teachers and asking them for more concessions, as well as freezing most spending. Now we have to look at deeper cuts that could include closing schools and even eliminating arts and athletics. The bureaucratic cuts are fine, but the rest hurt kids and are unconscionable. We cannot stand for this.

The Obama Administration is sending stimulus money to California soon for education. Some people in Sacramento would like to hold onto it to fill the state’s budget hole. Tell your legislators that we want the money out the door NOW. Also, let them know that we want San Diego Unified to get its fair share of the money. In the recent cuts San Diego and other urban districts that have the neediest kids took the biggest hit. We need to insist that the new money is divided up fairly and that in San Diego we get our fair share.


1) Email/call every San Diego legislator to tell them we need a united San Diego delegation to pressure the Governor to release the money.
Sen. Christine Kehoe:
Sen. Dennis Hollingsworth
Sen. Denise Moreno Ducheny
Assemblywoman Lori Saldana
Assemblywoman Mary Salas
Assemblyman Marty Block
Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher
Assemblyman Joel Anderson

2) Join a group of parents, teachers and concerned citizens to make a personal visit to a legislator’s office soon. It could be worth millions. Contact Carol Hunter, our Volunteer Community Liaison, to sign up and make arrangements.

3) Write a Letter to the Editor at the San Diego Union-Tribune about what we expect from Sacramento:


Dear Editors,
Our local public schools are in dire straits. Last year the SDUSD lost $100-million in funding, and this year they will loose another $150-million. These cuts on our kids are draconian, we must have time to adapt, but the State wants to hang onto the Obama Stimulus money to backfill their budget shortfalls. We need that money locally, for the children. Local parents should speak out for our defenseless youth.

Michael Russell

4) Contact us at: about the action you take or forward a copy of your letter. We need a united effort by parents, teachers, the general community and the Board of Education.

John Lee Evans, Trustee
San Diego Unified School District

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