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Thursday, March 5, 2009


RESUMES are Dead. Enter the age of the E-Portfolio.

This concept is part of the transition to a new paradigm of learning, the old idea that the "Teacher" has expert knowledge and lectures, with one way communication, to the student is over. People have to be responsible for thir own education, teachers will be guides, learning with their students, and providing warnings of pitfalls and helping the learner maximize their potential and productivity.

Professors will still be experts, to whom you look to answer the questions about how to proceed to the next level, but their value will be as masters of specialized arts and science, not as educators.

Instructors will be the standard form of educator, they teach us the "HOW" of various technology, but not the "WHY".

Real teaching comes from a passion to learn and communicate with individuals, not as an authority, but as a mentor.

Without the ability to evaluate students directly, E-portfolios will give prospective employers the ability to judge the potential of employees and see sample proof of their abilities.

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