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Thursday, December 19, 2013

PRIVATE "HOME" SCHOOLING is an excuse to segregate our kids.

This privileged rich PRIVATE SCHOOL kid living in Squaw Valley (racist sexist valley) is only 13 and he want's to be 'happy' when he grows up, but he does't want PUBLIC EDUCATION for your kids. He wants "RELIGIOUS and SPIRITUAL" Training for them. Because public education is for getting a job, not happiness.

What really bugs me about this kid's family, he could have gone to public school AND done all the fun stuff, but by doing so he would have been exposed to the poverty and violence that EVERYONE ELSE's kids have to deal with, and he would have learned how to survive in the REAL WORLD, instead of Rich Kid Fantasy Camp. Plus he would have exposed those other kids to his 'hackschooling', benefiting them through the diversity of income experience.

PUBLIC Education is about learning the skills and literacies necessary to survive TOGETHER in our shared environment. That's not possible when one group of kids is 'shredding the spine' with their new ski-equipment up in isolated and wealthy Squaw Valley and the other group is surviving on free-lunches and begging their slum-lord to fix the plumbing. Either we're all in this together, or we'er not. (and if we're not, things just got interesting, cause this kid wouldn't survive a war).

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