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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boston Teacher's Residency Program

Giving Teachers the Tools to Make a Difference

Boston Teacher Residency (BTR) recruits talented college graduates, career changers and community members of all ages and gives them the tools to make an immediate impact in the classrooms of the Boston Public Schools(BPS). Combining a yearlong classroom apprenticeship with targeted master’s-level coursework, the program offers much more than just an affordable route into teaching. BTR provides every Teacher Resident with the practical learning, hands-on experience and ongoing support essential to any successful career in teaching.

The Residency Year

After an intensive two-month summer institute, Residents spend the entire academic year in a BPS classroom. They work under the close guidance of an experienced mentor teacher four days a week, devoting one evening and all day Friday to rigorous coursework and seminars. This combination helps Residents link classroom experience to the latest in education theory and research, all within the context of the local education environment and the district-specific goals of the BPS.
  • Yearlong classroom apprenticeship
  • Rigorous, aligned coursework
  • Focus on BPS/Boston context
  • Collaborative learning environment
The program’s unique blend of theory and practice, combined with an emphasis on collaborative learning and peer support, gives Residents a field-tested foundation for success in the urban classroom. By the time BTR graduates become teachers of record in a BPS classroom, they already have a year of experience in their schools, an understanding of the challenges that lie ahead and an ever-expanding support network of fellow educators.  Learn more about the residency year.

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