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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Part 1

As I watched the first episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, I saw this British Chef taking on American ignorance single handed. I was shocked and disgusted by my fellow Americans and they way they treated Oliver. Obviously Jamie is a TV star who wants to make dramatic impact and stir up controversy for ratings, but I also see that, for some reason beyond my comprehension, he actually cares about these horrible people. Jamie is on a crusade to help people who don't want his help. He is martyring himself for the sake of our kids.

It was shocking to see the state of public school nutrition, and worse to see the average home and the state of America's kids. I know these people, they are my family and friends throughout America, so I know that Jamie Oliver's reporting on their eating habits and sate of arrogant, willful, stubborn ignorance is factual. These lazy, fat, ignorant Americans live short, unhealthy, and ultimately miserable lives of their own making. I have no sympathy, and little compassion for them, except for their kids.

That said, I think the entire lunch staff and the Principal at the elementary school in Huntington, West Virgina, need to be fired, especially ALICE! They are completely incompetent people, not professional educators like they should be. They obviously care nothing about the children or the public they serve, they did nothing but complain about how hard it would be to actually feed kids good food and cover their ass at every turn. They are malevolent and they need to find other professions. In my opinion the entire population of the town are miserable bastards and they need to be left to live and die by their own choices.

Watching those kids throw away fresh fruit, and good baked chicken, choose to eat crap over well cooked nutrition ... the level of waste, the lack of standards, makes me sick. How can these "TEACHERS" not correct these elementary students about their behavior? These people are weak and stupid, completely anemic about their own health and nutrition information. The fact that the local radio station has to define what 'ANEMIC' means over-the-air proves they are stupid (they weren't being ironical).

The press was right when they portrayed these American Southerners as stupid and ignorant. Jamie Oliver may like these miserable bastards even if they are lazy, stupid, and willfully ignorant. but I believe they get what they deserve. I know I am right because during the second episode (below) I got to watch Trilipix Cholesterol commercials.

If this doesn't terrify you about the state of public education in America, nothing will.

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